"I knew it was going to be a close play at first because the guy (Wilson) runs so well. The ball went skip, skip, skip and didn't come up. The ball missed my glove. I can't remember the last time I missed a ball like that, but I'll remember that one." -- Buckner on Wilson's ground ball.
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Photographic Evidence!

The Victim:
Bill Buckner

Suspect #1:
Calvin Schiraldi

Calvin Schiraldi not only allowed the Mets to tie the game 3-3 in the eigth inning, but he gave up THREE two-out singles in the 10th inning. Let's also not forget that in Game 7 Ray Knight homered in the seventh off Calvin Schiraldi to give the Mets a 4-3 lead.

Suspect #2:
Bob Stanley

Bob Stanley relieved Schiraldi. Stanley worked Mookie Wilson down to his last strike of the last out of the game. Seven pitches in, Stanley lost control. and threw a wild pitch that tied the game. Think about this... 16 Different Pitches would have clinched the World Series for the Red Sox. Schiraldi and Stanley blew it!

Suspect #3:
Rich Gedman

Let's not forget Catcher Rich Gedman who failed to block the wild pitch and could have prevented the tying run. See how there's PLENTY of blame to spread around before Bill's name comes up? I'm telling you, this was all one big set-up!

Suspect #4:
John McNamara

Manager John McNamara was obviously a Masochist to throw Bill Buckner out to defend first-base in the 10th inning.

Suspect #5:
Roger Clemens

Clemens claims he wanted to pitch the 8th inning but Manager McNamara "chose" to give the game to the chokers in the bull-pen. McNamara claims Rog-ah refused to go out because had "torn a blister and a fingernail on his pitching hand." Biting your nails Roger? Heck let's just blame them both. Disasters this big have many villains.

Suspect #6:
Jesse Orosco

As long as we're looking for villains we'll just lump in Jesse Orosco. He seems like a nice enough guy and has probably played for everyone by now but we all could have clubbed him in 86. In Game 7 The Sox added two runs in the eighth to pull within a run but Jesse Orosco retired the final five Red Sox in order to clinch their second World Series title (((CRY...SOB...))).
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Red Sox fans are NOT Charlie Brown futilely trying to kick a football. Red Sox fans are like Linus patiently waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive on a late October night.
Monday, April 26, 2004

Olde Towne Team Delights -- How "Sweep" it is!
Okay, welp, it's my first post in a while. Following the games and commenting at www.bambinoscurse.com left me with too little time to put up quality posts here... Sorry about that.

So much to comment on!

We're now in first place. 1 1/2 games up on the Orioles. 4 1/2 games up on the Yankees.

We swept them for the first time since 1999. We took 3 games from them at Yankee stadium and had the crowd leaving by the seventh inning and booing Derek Jeter of all people. Wow...

We took 3 of 4 fromt he Yankees in Fenway last week. Our 6th starter Bronson Arroyo beat their best starter Kevin Brown twice in 10 days!

The last game of the series had all 2nd and 3rd string guys playing the infield for the Red Sox.

The bull-pen has been lights-out and has thrown over 24 innings without allowing a run.

The weather is getting warmer and that has led to Pedro getting better with each start.

Lots of interesting comments in the press as well. Mike Celizic in New York now says it is officially time for the Yankees to panic.

My favorite comment so far this season was this piece I picked up from Gordon Edes -
"That derisive "1918" chant, so ubiquitous in Yankee Stadium? Dan Graziano of the Newark Star-Ledger suggested that at this rate, it will take on a new meaning this season: number of times the Sox and Yanks play (19), and the number of times the Sox come away a winner (18)."

Even Dan Shaughnessy is trying to jump mon the good vibrations band-wagon. Don't know he livves with himself.

Manny Ramirez is carrying the team offensively and is being praised by everybody in every corner. This Manny-saince is a delight to behold. He's making great plays in left-field. He's slugging as well as getting timely hits. This guy is awesome!

A-Rod may have broken out of his slump but the rest of the Yankee line-up is looking like a bunch of helpless amateurs.

Of course all of Red Sox Nation is worried that Steinbrenner may be cooking up another surprising aquisition to fix the situation but for now we're just revelling in this pure happy joy.

Today is an off-day for most of the league so hopefully our guys will get some much needed rest. tomorrow should be an interesting contect between Paul Abbott and Tim Wakefield. Abbott is no joke as a pitcher so hopefully we'll have our A-game ready tomorrow. Wakefield can be pretty successful against the D-Rays too so I think we have the edge. It sure would be nice to string even more wins together.

I know that in 2001 when the Mariners won 116 games Lou Pinieillla's philosophy was to go out and try and take 2 out of 3 games. Just keep winning the series he said and the rest would take care of itself. So far the Red Sox have been doing a great job at putting that into practice.

The team chemistry is as high now as I have ever seen it. Everybody is pulling for each other and supporting each other. This is a team that can really go places.

And of course the best part is that we're surging even without Nomar and Nixon. Once those RBI machines get back in the line-up this team is going to be incredibly scary for the rest of the AL.

Wednesday should be interesting to see how Schilling does in his return after the meltdown in Toronto. We're all still wondering if Francona left him in the game with the bases loaded and a rested bull-pen to teach him a lesson about throwing tantrums when getting pulled from a game or if he honestly thought that leaving Curt in to try and go for the complete game was the best way to go. I don't have to admit to anyone that Francona has forgotten more about managing a ball-club than I'll ever know but it's still interesting to think about.

For now the Red Sox can dance with joy and laughter. "Get your laugh on" has been suggested as this team's no slogan to replace "Cowboy Up." That's a slogan I can get behind although I still like Whicked Hahd even more. Looking at the schedule the Red Sox don't play anybody really scary until the A's in late May so we have no reason not to keep winning at a .667 clip.

With the Orioles playing more like the team they are than their record suggests this should be a perfect time for the Red Sox to build up quite a lead in the AL East. The Yankees meanwhile are playing Oakland tomorrow. Here's how their pitching rotation match-up looks:

4/27 Hudson 2.15 ERA vs Mussina 6.67 ERA
4/28 Mulder 2.33 ERA vs Contreras 10.64 ERA
4/29 Zito 2.12 ERA vs Brown 6.26 ERA

Looks like the Yanks aren't likely to win that series.

Go Red Sox!

Deane @ 11:22 AM
Thursday, April 08, 2004

"Wake" me up before you go "Lowe"

All I can say is wow!

Who could ask for anything more than the start to the season that we've had?

Johnny Damon's big night last night was truly awesome. To go 5 for 5 and then top it off by stealing away a 3 run homer over the fence is was inspiring and heroic. What a stud!

I absolutely LOVED the Johnny Damon "Captain Caveman" cartoon Boston Dirt Dogs had on their site:

Truly awesome!

Can't say enough good things about Derek Lowe's outing either. 2 Runs over 6 Innings. Looks like he saw how to handle the middle of their order as well. I've got a great feeling about thse guys and am already having such a good time following these guys.

Ed at BambinosCurse.com had a great write-up on his trip to Camden Yards for Curt Schilling's first start with the Red Sox. Sounds like he had a great time there. He sat just a dozen or so seats from Theo Epstein and has a pic of him from the game.

He said it was great to see what a joker Pedro is in the dugout. He said Pedro was smiling and lauching the whole time even when he'd poke his head out of the dugout and mess around with the rowdy O's fans.

I was surprised at how hostile the O's fans were to Kyle and Ed. It's not like the Red Sox are the big division rival of the Orioles. But then again I guess they don't really have a main rival apart from the teams that keep them from the playoffs. Still they should relax. The only fans I would say anything too would be Yankee fans for reasons that have been mentioned far too exhaustively here. "It's like rooting for Bill Gates to win the Lotttery.... If Yankees win World Series is worth a headline so is 'Bulldozer defeats tulip" -Rick Reilly

Anyway Wake takes the hill in 20 minutes. Should be an awesome game! I can't wait to see how we do!

Let's go Red Sox!

Deane @ 2:50 PM
Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Curt Schilling Brings IT!
Wow.... what a performance yesterday.

Curt Schilling was absolutely brilliant. 6 Innings, 7 Strikeouts, 1 Walk, 1 Earned Run, 6 Hits.

He threw 109 pitches and about 70% of them were strikes. What a stud!

Pedro learned quickly that the middle of that Baltimore line-up is no joke. I know he won't make that mistake with them again.

Curt held Tejada, Palmiero and Lopez to 2 for 11 when all was said and done.

The bull-pen was lights out. 3 innings, 3 pitchers, 9 outs, no runs. Can't ask for more than that. Foulke rang up a swinging strikeout on the last batter that sealed the deal.

I didn't get to watch the game from work but I followed the webcast and was as happy as I have been in a long time seeing the real 2004 Red Sox stand up. This team is going to have some awesome games this year. I can't wait for them to come to Anaheim in July. I hope I can see Schilling pitch out here.

It was nice for all the BS about contracts, and fastball velocities and Pedro going MIA, and Foulke's Spring Training performance all disappear into the afternoon sun. Schilling was every bit as awesome as I expected. He totally controlled the game every second he was on the mound. What a hero he is.

Foulke did exactly what was needed. 3up... 3 down. Game over Red Sox win!

As for all the chicken-littles out there that were ready to jump out a window after game 1, come back into the fold and root for your team. It doesn't take any guts to bail out on the team. It takes guts to root for them when the outcome is uncertain.

It's time for Derek Lowe to show us his stuff. I can't wait to see it. Hopefully Damon will get on base a bit more and set the table for the rest of the guys. Hopefully Manny's sore quads will be better soon too.

Let's go Red Sox!

Deane @ 12:29 PM
Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Let the Games Begin!
The season is under way folks and if opening day tells us anything it could be that this is the year of the underdog.

The Tigers beating the crap out of the Blue Jays and Cy Young winner Roy Halladay?

The Devil Rays spanking the Yankees?

The Brewers beat the Cardinals?

The Pirates beat the Phillies?

And yes... the Orioles beat the Red Sox.

Hard to believe all of these things happened in a few days. I'm sure this portends a wild, exciting, unpredictable season. It should be a lot of fun however it turns out.

The Red Sox loss was a little sad. I followed the game as it unfolded and could tell pedro was having a tough time getting started. The nightmare of the second inning felt like it would never end but once Pedro got warmed up and settled down the rest of his outing was pretty solid and he went 93 pitches.

I've heard a lot about the sloppy play that night, especially that long fly ball that Kapler and Damon couldn't get to. I don't understand that either. Word is the trip to Atlanta then up to Baltimore took a lot out of them and left them tired. That could be. I know we're going to have to do better than leaving 14 guys on base and having our lead-off hitter going Oh-fer Five.

Still I know it's a long season. I know that April is the time to shake things out and see what needs to be tweaked to get all the cylinders firing. If our hits had come been in a slightly different order the red Sox could have easily come out on top. Still it's a good lesson that the Orioles are not going to be doormats anymore and the heart of their order is as dangerous as any in the game.

Curt Schilling should be as prepared as any pitcher ever was when he takes the hill today. I can't wait to follow the action. I can only imagine how pumped up and excited he must be right now. If he can make his first outin a gem and if our offense is a bit more productive with men on base I know we'll have a very different outcome today. I seriously can't wait to see how things go today!

As for the whole Pedro situation... with him leaving the game early. The press is starting to grab the wrong end of the stick on this story to make more of it than it is. Was it childish and disrespectful? OF course it was! But it is something that the players and Francona will deal with on their own. Pedro should have known better. Francona shouldn't have to tell the press he didn't communicate that rule clearly enough. It is common sense.

But on the other hand I know Pedro was upset at how the game went and was obviously frustrated at his performance. I'm sure he didn't want to hang around and answer questions about it, but he needs to get over that stuff and be part of the team. His guys will protect Pedro's back but he needs to be there for them and not take advantage of their team spirit.

I'm sure Curt Schilling will have something to say about being accountable and being there for your team when the Sox have their team meeting. Curt was always there with his team even when he was injured or when he wasn't pitching. He would always stay and answer all questions about his outing whether it was great or not.

In any case it sounds like Terry Francona will talk to him and be firm and fair about it. Pedro should get a mulligan on this. We'll see how things go from here. There's a saying that the game 2 is the game that really tells you how your season will go. Once the expectations from Game 1 are settled the season can then progress the way it should.

Opening Day shows us anything can happen in this game... it can happen any time.

I think that's a good omen for a season when we all are expecting our team to go all the way and we won't accept anything less.

ed at bambinoscurse.com had a good entry today. He mentioned the stupidity of writers that have latched onto the idea that Red Sox fans are wandering the streets in their sleep having nightmares about Aaron F Boone. The common write-ups in the press is that Aaron Boone is as much a part of Red Sox lore as Bucky F Dent.

As all red Sox fans are pointing out.... nothing could be further from the truth. red Sox fans don't have nightmmares about Boone any more than we have nightmares about Ray Knight or Mookie Wilson. The problems in 1986 came from Calvin Schiraldi and Bob Stanley choking big time when the game was on the line. We will never forget what happened that night but no real Rd Sox fan has a grudge against Buckner or Mookie.

Aong those same lines no Red Sox fan has a problem with Tim Wakefield or Aaron Boone. What happened is what happened. Our problem is that with the game safely in our grasp Grady let Pedro get hit hard in the 7th inning and then they sent him back out in the 8th with his pitch count close to 100 and his velocity down. All casual fans knew Pedro was ortal after 100 pitches. Grady acted like this was a surprise to him.

This is why we don't blame Wakefield or Aaron Boone. We don't even blame Giambi's two vitamin enhanced home-runs off Pedro in that game. Nobody left that game with the epthet "Freaking" or any other F word. Not even Grady Little. It was just a bad thing that happened but we'll get over it.

2004 is our year. We have the right guys. They know that now is the time to make this happen.

The season is under way and this is going to be a great year.

Can't wait to see Schilling's debut today!

Go Red Sox!

Deane @ 8:55 AM
Saturday, April 03, 2004

Sunday is the day
Spring Training is over.

Opening Day is here on Sunday!

Red Sox are about to fire up the engine and head out on that highway. I can't wait!!!

There are concerns of course. Pedro's fastball and shoulder. Nomar's Ankle. Nixon's back. Foulke's problems.

But I have a lot more to be axcited about than worried....

Schilling pitches tomorrow after a sub 2.00 ST ERA. Lowe follows him also with a sub 2.00 ERA. Mueller, Millar, Ortiz, Manny, Tek, Damon, Pokey, Burks, Kapler, McCarty and all the rest of the guys are going to put on a real show this year. I can't wait!

The season will soon be under way.

I can't wait!

Deane @ 3:41 PM