"I knew it was going to be a close play at first because the guy (Wilson) runs so well. The ball went skip, skip, skip and didn't come up. The ball missed my glove. I can't remember the last time I missed a ball like that, but I'll remember that one." -- Buckner on Wilson's ground ball.
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Photographic Evidence!

The Victim:
Bill Buckner

Suspect #1:
Calvin Schiraldi

Calvin Schiraldi not only allowed the Mets to tie the game 3-3 in the eigth inning, but he gave up THREE two-out singles in the 10th inning. Let's also not forget that in Game 7 Ray Knight homered in the seventh off Calvin Schiraldi to give the Mets a 4-3 lead.

Suspect #2:
Bob Stanley

Bob Stanley relieved Schiraldi. Stanley worked Mookie Wilson down to his last strike of the last out of the game. Seven pitches in, Stanley lost control. and threw a wild pitch that tied the game. Think about this... 16 Different Pitches would have clinched the World Series for the Red Sox. Schiraldi and Stanley blew it!

Suspect #3:
Rich Gedman

Let's not forget Catcher Rich Gedman who failed to block the wild pitch and could have prevented the tying run. See how there's PLENTY of blame to spread around before Bill's name comes up? I'm telling you, this was all one big set-up!

Suspect #4:
John McNamara

Manager John McNamara was obviously a Masochist to throw Bill Buckner out to defend first-base in the 10th inning.

Suspect #5:
Roger Clemens

Clemens claims he wanted to pitch the 8th inning but Manager McNamara "chose" to give the game to the chokers in the bull-pen. McNamara claims Rog-ah refused to go out because had "torn a blister and a fingernail on his pitching hand." Biting your nails Roger? Heck let's just blame them both. Disasters this big have many villains.

Suspect #6:
Jesse Orosco

As long as we're looking for villains we'll just lump in Jesse Orosco. He seems like a nice enough guy and has probably played for everyone by now but we all could have clubbed him in 86. In Game 7 The Sox added two runs in the eighth to pull within a run but Jesse Orosco retired the final five Red Sox in order to clinch their second World Series title (((CRY...SOB...))).
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Red Sox fans are NOT Charlie Brown futilely trying to kick a football. Red Sox fans are like Linus patiently waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive on a late October night.
Thursday, May 27, 2004

Ya make me wanna sweep!
Well a lot has happened over the last month and the Red Sox are still 1 1/2 games ahead in first place.

Schilling has been everything we hoped he would be and more. He says he's nursing a bruised ankle which is a bit worrying but I trust that he knows how to take care of himself and can get that feeling better soon.

Nomar is still day to day. Red Sox fans have all pretty much realized that the tendon "bruise" has to be something a lot more serious for it to be 74 days of day-to-day status. There must have been some sort of tendon tear for him to be out this long. Still he's re-habbing and should be back in a few weeks so we'll cross our fingers on that.

Shaughnessy's hints that Nomar is trying to stick it to management or send a message after last winter is just plain BS. In his contract year Nomar isn't going to want to look like an injury case or a head case. Now that his agent is saying he's pretty sure Nomar will be back in Boston next year it looks like Nomar's asking price is going to be falling fast.

Manny has been on fire and displaying the attitude we love to see players show. "Just see the ball and hit it." Make the complicated simple. He seems to be having a great time and is getting big time results. The blast he hit over the light tower in Fenway against the Blue Jays in Fenway was awesome! Each passing day makes it look better and better that he wasn't claimed off waivers or traded last winter.

I can see that Ortiz and Manny really enjoy playing together and have a ton of fun together. Some people say this team seems flat compared to the Sox last year but to me these guys look like they are having fun and they know how to win.

All in all I can't say enough good things about this team. Foulke has only given up one earned run in 24 innings so far? A 0.37 ERA! This guy is a freaking assassin once he comes out of the pen.

The rest of the bullpen is rock solid. Pedro is having fun and getting it done. Lowe is starting to get things figured out and should be on track for his usual June rebound. Wakefield is a new daddy for the first time and seems to be doing better on less sleep.

Arroyo is holding his own and nobody's missing Kim too much at this point. We're still wondering if Kim will be traded or if he'll be kept in the Pen or Pawtucket as insurance.

Damon shaved off his beard and has been doing a much better job at getting on base. Some people are griping that he isn't the base stealing machine he was last year but I say it's still pretty early and those stats will bounce back somewhat. Not that this team is built on speed and base-stealing anyway though.

The defense has really started to come around. Last night's game had two gems from the infield. Pokey Reese charged a slow dribbler and bare-handed the ball and got it to first base in the nick of time to get the out.

Late in the game a bouncing liner was hit to McCarty at 1B which he was able to snag in foul territory and then throw across his body to Timlin covering first on an even closer play to get that out. Amazing stuff man!

Can't wait to see if the Sox can pull of a sweep of the A's after just sweeping the Blue Jays. The Mariners are coming to Boston this weekend and to say they have an up-hill climb is an understatement. The Red Sox definitely have a chance to add a pile of W's to the Win Column this week.

Arroyo versus Mulder tonight will be exciting. I predict this one will be a lot closer than the last two games.

Pedro is undefeated against the Mariners so that should be a confidence builder for tomorrow's game.

Go get em Red Sox!

Deane @ 12:54 PM