"I knew it was going to be a close play at first because the guy (Wilson) runs so well. The ball went skip, skip, skip and didn't come up. The ball missed my glove. I can't remember the last time I missed a ball like that, but I'll remember that one." -- Buckner on Wilson's ground ball.
Red Sox Sites Links

Photographic Evidence!

The Victim:
Bill Buckner

Suspect #1:
Calvin Schiraldi

Calvin Schiraldi not only allowed the Mets to tie the game 3-3 in the eigth inning, but he gave up THREE two-out singles in the 10th inning. Let's also not forget that in Game 7 Ray Knight homered in the seventh off Calvin Schiraldi to give the Mets a 4-3 lead.

Suspect #2:
Bob Stanley

Bob Stanley relieved Schiraldi. Stanley worked Mookie Wilson down to his last strike of the last out of the game. Seven pitches in, Stanley lost control. and threw a wild pitch that tied the game. Think about this... 16 Different Pitches would have clinched the World Series for the Red Sox. Schiraldi and Stanley blew it!

Suspect #3:
Rich Gedman

Let's not forget Catcher Rich Gedman who failed to block the wild pitch and could have prevented the tying run. See how there's PLENTY of blame to spread around before Bill's name comes up? I'm telling you, this was all one big set-up!

Suspect #4:
John McNamara

Manager John McNamara was obviously a Masochist to throw Bill Buckner out to defend first-base in the 10th inning.

Suspect #5:
Roger Clemens

Clemens claims he wanted to pitch the 8th inning but Manager McNamara "chose" to give the game to the chokers in the bull-pen. McNamara claims Rog-ah refused to go out because had "torn a blister and a fingernail on his pitching hand." Biting your nails Roger? Heck let's just blame them both. Disasters this big have many villains.

Suspect #6:
Jesse Orosco

As long as we're looking for villains we'll just lump in Jesse Orosco. He seems like a nice enough guy and has probably played for everyone by now but we all could have clubbed him in 86. In Game 7 The Sox added two runs in the eighth to pull within a run but Jesse Orosco retired the final five Red Sox in order to clinch their second World Series title (((CRY...SOB...))).
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Red Sox fans are NOT Charlie Brown futilely trying to kick a football. Red Sox fans are like Linus patiently waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive on a late October night.
Wednesday, June 30, 2004

"Come to Boston..."
So here is the calculus we're looking at right now.

The Red Sox are playing .500 basbeall since May 1 and have not improved since the return of Trot and Nomar. Our number 3, 4 and 5 starters are getting beaten up at a fairly steady rate.

Peter Gammons declares that Boston has the worst defense in baseball as evidenced by the number of un-earned runs Boston is giving up.

Kevin Millar is becoming more of a liability with every game he plays.

When Boston gets a quality start from Pedro or Curt the offense relaxes and puts up 10-12 runs a game when only 4 or 5 are needed.

And of course now the word on the street is that George Steinbrenner has not only set his personal sites on the "untouchable" Randy Johnson, but now the D-Backs are sending scouts to AAA-Columbus.

Something is going on and it stinks to high heaven.

If Randy Johnson stays away from the Bronx and truly has NO interest in pitching for the Yankees then Boston still has a good chance to make the playoffs and beat New York to go to the World Series.

If Randy Johnson goes to New York and signs a ridiculous contract extension to play in the Bronx until his arm falls off, then that would be a total and complete disaster eclipsing the A-Rod debacle by an order of magnitude.

At this point it is time to pull out all the stops. Have Curt Schilling call Randy Johnson and tell him how great it would be to pitch together again and play golf on their off days again. Have Theo call Randy Johnson and tell him his secret recipe for cranberry sauce. Have Theo tell Randy that we'll buy all of his children puppies and ponies if he plays for Boston. Have Theo tell Colangelo we'll trade the D-Backs Lowe, Kim, Millar, Youkilis and Shoppauch for Randy Johnson. Have Theo tell them both we'll do whatever it takes to make a deal happen.

Randy Johnson in Yankee pinstripes is absolutely the worst baseball nightmare I could ever imagine. As great as it would be as a baseball fan to see Curt pitch against Randy in the playoffs, it would be my worst dream come true if RJ ends up in the Bronx.

Come on Theo! Show what you can do! Getting RJ would make you an immortal. Losing RJ to NY would get you run out of town.

Go Red Sox!
Deane @ 11:26 AM
Friday, June 25, 2004

Is it safe to open my eyes yet?

We've won 4 of our last 10 games?

We've won 9 of our last 20 games???

Now we've got the Phillies and Yankees coming to town this week. Hmmmmmm........

Pedro against Abbott tonight should be a good game for us. The offense is overdue for another night where our ace gets twice as much run support as needed. The Philly offense is no joke though so hopefully Pedro and the rest of our guys have done their homework.

Lots of discussion is going on at Red Sox blogs about who is jumping off the bandwagon. I liked a comment that at this point a lot of fans aren't jumping off but are more interested in watching the blu of scenery than in being focused on where they are going.

I'm still waiting for this team to get it into gear. They are not playing anywhere near their potential. It may be a few more weeks for the rust to come off of Nomar and Trot but I know at some point this team is going to wake up and leave this shadow behind.

The best news today was that Theo did not give away the store trying to get Beltran. Youkilis and Shoppach are too necessary to the future of this club for 3 months of Beltran. He would have helped the offense this year but I don't think he would make the difference for us. I agree with those that say we need pitching, pitching and more pitching.

I also agree with those that say keeping Youkilis and Shoppach gives Theo a lot more flexibility with payroll and free agents next year. No need to pay through the nose for an exceptional player when you have up and comers that are also very good. Between Pedro, Veritek, Nomar and Lowe all due to be free agents this fall and all of them due some pretty big money I'd say keeping flexibility is extremely important.

I'd say a switch-hitting, power hitting intelligent hard-working catcher is the rarest commodity of them all so I'd make signing him a priority. Keeping Shoppach around should provide Theo with enough leverage to not get spanked. Pedro says he wants to stay and he says that Nomar wants to stay. These guys have played together a long time and I'm thinking they'll want to get this team over the top. I'd like to see Derek Lowe stick around to be the number three guy but if he drives the price up I'd say he's the easiest guy to replace.

In Theo we trust. He won't give the store away. This team will get better each yesr he's running the show.

Go Red Sox!


PS I don't want to stir up the pot again at BambinosCurse.com so I'll just post the link here of my favorite examples of why Steinbrenner is a crazy fricking lunatic:

The List: Steinbrenner's worst http://espn.go.com/page2/s/list/steinbrenner.html
Deane @ 11:50 AM
Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Feast or Famine or Why Can't They All Be Like This????
Wow! Schilling goes seven strong innings and gives up only one run.

Ortiz, Manny and Nomar all launch huge bombs. Nomar's first homer of the year is a grands slam! Wow that felt good to see! My two year-old daughter excitedly chanted
"No-Mar! No-Mar!" with me. Seeing that curtain call was even more beautiful.

Even seeing Trot get robbed of a home run over the bull-pen wall was awesome.

It would be nice if the Sox could score 9 runs each night Wake or Arroyo are pitching. Seems a shame to waste such a fine display of offense when thet pitching staff only gives up 2 runs but I'll be more than happy to take it. Wow that was a fun game.

Let's see if Lowe can keep putting up goose-eggs tonight. Trust in the sinker. No hanging curves, slurves, sliders or chads. Sounds like Mueller and BK Kim are getting closer to operational status and that can only help.

Go Red Sox!
Deane @ 10:14 AM
Friday, June 18, 2004

The MRI heard round the world!
Good News! Schilling is in stable condition!

Boston Dirt Dogs is reporting that the MRI on Schilling's ankle shows that it is stable. Curt is expecting to make his next start on Tuesday but the rumor mill says that the office wants Curt to sit out and give it some extra rest.



Deane @ 3:06 PM

Lowe ball pitcher
Mmmmmmm Derek Lowe!

Just when we were ready to trade him and Kim for a case of Zima, Lowe sees a sports psychologist, learns to trust in his sinker, stops hanging curves and breaking balls and turns back into Mr. Lights Out.

This is just waht we need. With BostonDirtDogs reporting that the Sox office is shutting down Schilling for his next start we need our starters to be at the top of their game right now.

Pokey showed that the Sox actually can get some hits with the bases loaded. Ortiz got a career high 5 RBIs including an upper-deck bomb.

Now the Red Sox go to San Fran to face Barry. Wakefield will get to see if his knuckleball is back in action. If a spacious park at sea level with cool air on a breezy bay doesn't help then nothing will. Just PRAY that Pokey plays second because Wake will need all the defense he can get behind him.

Looks like the natives are especially excited to see the Red Sox coming to town this weekend. The Globe talked to the Giantys owner and reports:

Sellout crowds are expected this weekend for the Red Sox. "It's been a tougher ticket than the World Series," Magowan said.

That's all I need to know. We've got a good team. Our offense is bouncing back. Nomar and Trot are back in the game. We're going to have a good time. Sorry for the West Coast start times but that'll work just fine for me. LOL

Go Red Sox!

Deane @ 7:32 AM
Thursday, June 17, 2004

Schilling! Don't be a hero!
Well what are ya gonna do...

Theo and Co. seriously need to address the problem of stranded runners on base. Maybe we need to start making RBIs and BAWRISP as important in their stat analysis as OBP.

Looking at the bright side, it's just two games out of 162. trot Nixon got a home run in his first game back. Our team is getting stronger each day while injuries weaken and tear other teams down each day.

Looks like the Yankee fans at bambinoscurse.com finally broke the back of Ed and Beth because they laid the big old hurt down on them under today's comments section. It was quite a sight. It's always fun to see them get told where to stick it.

Anyway our last game at Coors (for a while we hope) is under way. Let's take the win today and sweep SF to come home with a .666 road trip. We need to make up some serious ground righ freaking now.

We're fired up now baby. The players aren't panicing (sp?) so I'm not going to panic either.

The Archeron is a big dangerous ship with twice our guns and twice our numbers but we'll take her for a prize in the end.

Go Red Sox!

Deane @ 3:04 PM
Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The one that got away... OR "I once left a runner on base 'THIS BIG!"
Well Schill takes the hill tonight. He reports that his ankle is feeling a lot better and will picth with more Maracaine injections before and during the game. That either means he'll feel no pain and pitch a gem as his ankle improves... or he'll do the best he can as the ankle suffers more damage since he won't feel pain from that area.

I'm going to echo Ed's tack at BambinosCurse.com from yesterday and say "I'm cautiously optimistic" Hopefully Curt is not causing more damage and won't have to go on the DL.

And in either case as far as tonight's game goes I don't think anybody else on the Sox staff knows how to handle Coors better than Curt so I know he'll bring his A game. Wish I could watch it on TV.

I have to voice tremedous skepticism at a quoted article by Dave Pinto in which he suggests Mark Bellhorn's 2B defense is close enough to Pokey's that it can't be justified to start Pokey over Bellhorn because of Bellhorn's OBP. From what I've seen so far the only evidence for that is in measuring fielding errors.

Pokey's Leap the other night definitely saved 1-2 runs and kept the game momentum from swinging completely against the Sox. I firmly believe that Pokey's play saved the game and locked down the win. I have also seen Pokey easily turn double-plays where Bellhorn would have a hard time making the force at 2B.

I'm not usually one to turn into a Neo-Luddite when people argue the importance of modern statistical analysis but when it comes to defensive contributions to a game. I still think you have to watch what is happening on the field to know the story.

I'm a big fan of Theo Epstein and Bill James' advanced use of statistical analysis and non-0traditional stats to build one heck of a team but to suggest that Pokey doesn't bring much to the table compared to Bellhorn is laughable.

I think Bellhorn and Youkilis should play because they are great and patient hitters. I just think that they should platoon at 3B until Mueller comes back and then they should rotate through the infield and right field to give guys a night off.

Of course after last night's game all of Red Sox Nation is waking up to the idea that maybe stranding 12 runners in a close game is not good enough to win first in this division.

If our coach had been Herb Brooks from the 1980 Olympic Hockey team he would have had the players running the bases all night in the thin air to remind them of what they have to do to be winners.

Of course if our coach had been Herb Brooks he probably would have been able to score at least a few runs with the bases loaded. 0-4 with the bases loaded! Come on!?!!?!? Bases loaded with no outs and nobody scores!?!? Jeez it's the 2003 ALDS all over again! LOL

I'm really starting to wonder if we need to start making some trades for some fast runners like Scott Podsednik and Juan Pierre to use speed as a weapon to get to the world series. We've got tons of offense. Awesome pitching and bullpen. Good depth on the bench. The places we are getting killed are defense, speed/baserunning and of course runners LOB.

Theo was wise enough to make a deal for Pokey. I'll trust that he's wise enough to see that there's no reason we can't make some changes to improve our other areas of improvement without sacrficing the others.

Hopefully our bats will come alive tonight and give Curt a good outing with good run support.

We lost another game in the AL East standings last night. We need to get this turned around right freaking now!

Go Red Sox!

Deane @ 12:23 PM
Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Was it "THE Jump" or "THE Catch" ? ? ?
So days after Pokey's Spider-sense had him leaping into orbit for that catch Sox fans are still watching the replay in stunned amazement.

And now the debate is beginning. This play definitely goes down in Red Sox lore with Fisk waving it fair and Clemens striking out 20 batters. But how to immortalize this play? What catchy name is attached to this?

"The Catch"? Of course this refers to Willie Mays over the shoulder catch in the Polo Grounds during the Giants World Series.

"The Jump"? Evokes what was amazing about this play but also sounds like a reference to Ozzie Smith or something dirty. LOL

"The Leap of Faith"? Sounds nice but isn't all that catchy. It also makes it sound like luck rather than skill was the main factor.

I don't know how this play should be named. They all sound good to me. I'll just always remember standing there thinking "I don't believe that just happened!"

So what should we call this Red Sox Nation?

Deane @ 9:32 AM
Sunday, June 13, 2004

Your friendly neighborhood Pokey-Man!
Wow. What more can I say?

I can't top or add much to what Beth had to say about tonight's game at Cursed and First. She was 100% right that all of Red Sox Nation said "Holy Crap!" in unison as we saw Dave Roberts' hopes for igniting a late inning rally go up in smoke.

He is the latest victim of the Red Sox Spiderman of a second baseman as he jumped what appeared to be 15 feet in the air to snare a hard liner that would have easily scored one or two runs as it was destined to roll into the right-center field gap. I've seen the replay 100 times of Pokey leaping up and snaring the line drive out of the air. He caught it at the absolute apex of his jump at the absolute tip of his glove. Even now we are ALL still wondering "How the hell did he DO that?!!?!?"

This play easily upstaged his earlier double-play where he caught another liner and the doubled-up Shawn Green on a close play at first.

Super-human powers are the only explanation for his defensive ability. He always manages to be where the ball is going. If that isn't Spider-sense I don't know what is. J/K Pokey has got to have some legendary skills to do this stuff!

And that goes without saying that his wall-double in the game was completely awesme as well. As awesome as Pedro was tonight giving up one run over 7 complete innings, Pokey was the big hero for the Sox tonight. I got goose-bumps watching Pokey joking in the dug-out as the crowd chanted "Pokey! Pokey! Pokey!" Dave Roberts looked pretty PO'ed having to listen to that.

I can' remember the last time the Sox had a player as awesome, fun and lovable as Pokey Reese. This guy flat out gets it done. Short-Stop, Second Base... it doesn't matter. He just wants to play and get it done.

I'll say it now that as much credit as the sluggers and starters deserve, when the red Sox win the World Series this year it's going to be Pokey Reese that is going to show what a complete genius Theo Epstein is.

I'll save my moaning about having to endure Joe Morgan and Johnny Miller for another time. It wasn't as bad as the McCarver curse yesterday but tedious doesn't begin to describe the Morgan and Miller tandem. The silver lining is that I got to see live not just one, but two consecutive Red Sox games.

Tonight's game thoroughly washes my mouth clean from the disaster yesterday. Another silver lining is that we haven't lost any ground against the Yankees as the injury monster starts to take their guys down with Mussina, Brown and most importantly Mariano Rivera suffering from tightness.

Time to feast on the weaker teams in the NL West as we go to Coors Field and SBC Park in Frisco. One a major hitters park, the other a major pitchers park. Could be a good time for a six game sweep. Let's make up soem ground boys!

Go Red Sox!

Deane @ 10:22 PM
Saturday, June 12, 2004

I've FALLEN and I can't get up!
Yes it hurt. Yes the Dodgers are my hometown team and were my earliest reason for hating the Yankees. Games like this happen from time to time though and you have to deal with them when they come up.

When you have a knuckleballer as a starter luck is a big factor. Today it just didn't flutter our way. Anastacio Martinez didn't earn himself a legion of fans either. It's been a while since I've seen a merry-go-round like that. 30+ minutes to get through half an inning and rain wasn't a factor. Ugh! Painful!

Weaver was on the ropes a few times in the game too and it was just pure luck that we didn't knock him out of the game. When we had the bases loaded and Veritek hit that long fly ball I was shocked that it didn't go out. Sometimes God just decides to give Boston the finger.

I don't think it's a curse or anything else. I put a lot of stock in George Carlin's monlogue about God when he says that there are a lot of signs that God is at least incompetent and perhaps just doesn't give a crap. This is an attitude Carlin admires in a lot of people and can explain a lot of the bad results we see in the world around us.

Chicago Cubs haven't won a World Series since 1908.
Chicago White Sox have not won the WS since 1917.
And then of course there's the Red Sox.

At least there's other teams and cities that God hates more than us.

I just don't think another team's fans have had their hearts ripped out more regularly than we have.

So I'm firmly in George Carlin's camp today. There really isn't much else today to explain what we saw.

I mean really, the worst part for me wasn't the fact that the game turned into crap. It's that the way life goes I ususally get to watch about 15-20 minutes of baseball highlights on an average night. Forget about actually sitting and watching a whole game. Life has too many other responsibilities and obligations to take care of.

Perhaps once a month or two a Red Sox game is nationally televised and I end up having time to watch. The one game that I got to watch was today and I'm going to spend the night wishing I could scrub it from my mind. Seeing one ball after another fly over the Monster or put another dent in it for a double.

And if there is ANYTHING worse than that it HAD to be listening to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver talk about all the dents in the Monster not being equal to the most famous Dent related to the Green Monster. Puh-Lease! I think that part of the broadcast marked the moment when Joe and Tim finally ran out of new things to talk about.

Perhaps Tim McCarver is the latest boogie man in Red Sox lore. Maybe we need Bill Murray to drive off a cliff with him in a pickup truck to make this madness stop. Seriously... when Tim McCarver is involved does anything good happen for the Red Sox? Anyone remember the 1967 World Series?

Let's start a petition to Fox to just use Remy for the next Red Sox post-season games. No more national guys. McCarver is bad luck and Vin Scully still hurts too much.

Oh and of course Thank You Fox for going to a split screen and the Baltimore Audio feed when Manny hit his home run. That allowed us the privelage of seeing Barry Bonds strike-out while listening to Jim Palmer do play-by-play.

Then when the feed came back to Joe and Tim they non-chalantly announced Manny had hit a two tun homer over the monster and then went back to discussing that Jim Palmer is the most attractive guy in Fox Sports broadcasting.

Thank goodness for Joe and Tim. Look what we would have missed. What a crime it would have been to endure Manny hitting one out. Ugh... yeah I know... it's all sour grapes right?

We got our butts kicked today. Tomorrow Pedro will get us back on our feet and we'll take the series from them.

Red Sox Lose + Yankees Win = The worst kind of day.... BUT tomorrow is another day that brings fresh hope.

Still We Believe. Go Red Sox!

Deane @ 10:33 PM
Friday, June 11, 2004

Curt Schilling = H E R O
What else is there to say.

Seven strong innings under a gorgeous twilight sky. Only two earned runs against him. Even with a bad ankle which is affecting his fastball and the prospect of sugery either during or after this season Curt was a fearless warrior last night. This more we see him pitch in a Red Sox uniform the more impressive he is.

Last night Baseball Tonight crowned Curt Schilling the Red Sox #1 pitcher when compared to Pedro's ups and downs this year. I'm not sure a debate like that is likely to be productive but it was an interesting commentary not only on this season but on the decision that Francona will have when we go to the playoffs.

Pokey and Nomah put up the infield Monstah that we ll knew they would and they both went after the Green Monster. Pokey got a homer on his 31st birthday. (31 is a very good year!) and Nomar JUST missed a grand slam by about 15 feet. He had to settle for a 2 RBI double instead. LOL

Manny's homer over the Monstah was a sight. The beautiful glow of sunset was in the sky with a dozen different colors on the clouds floating by. It was amazing!

Awesome game last night. Bring on the Dodgers! Of course the important thing with them is to make damn sure we have the lead by the 8th inning or else we're sunk. Gagne is going to make these 3 games 7 or 8 inning affairs.

Go get em Red Sox!

Deane @ 11:14 AM
Thursday, June 10, 2004

Well then... There it is.
So yesterday Red Sox Nation held its collective breath.

Some wondered if Nomar would play.

Some wondered if he'd be cheered or booed.

Some wondered if he'd get a hit.

Despite the bad defense of the team, Wakefield getting batted around in relief, and the skies opening up and dumping rain but not enough to give the Sox a Mulligan, yesterday was a game we'll all remember fondly.

I was lucky enough to catch Nomar's first at bat live just as I got home from work. I knew he'd get cheers and probably an ovation but I wasn't sure what the magnitude of the response would be.

To see him go through his glove and toe tapping and then tap his heart as he got choked up from the crowd it was like a big wave of love and acceptance was washing over the field. I'm jealous of Annette over at BambinosCurse.com that she got to be there for that.

For him to get a hit in his first at bat the pahk must have gone absolutely nuts. I'm glad I got to see it but I wish I could've been there.

Still I was expecting the offense to have an explosion last night after being held to one run the day before. Well, we're still waiting.

And to see Pokey sitting on the bench with Bellhorn at second and Andy Dominique at first made everybody crazy. Bellhorn has been an on-base machine but Arroyo and Wake really could have used the infield Monstah that Nomar and Pokey would have formed. To see that great ball that Nomar scooped up and threw to Dominique only to see him miss the dig made all of Red Sox Nation go nuts.

When the rain started with the score 4-0 I think we were all hoping we'd get a chance to have a do-over. No such luck.

Still we are good at dustng ourselves off and moving on to the next game hoping for a win. Curt's on the mound tonight so the W is almost guranteed. I just hope his ankle is getting better and not getting worse. I think we'd all agree the nightmare scenario now would be for Curt to go "Day to Day" for 10 weeks with an odd ankle problem.

Curt's a worrior and a gamer. He'll get the job done. We just need our offense to wake up. I will grant that last night the wind did blow a lot of hits foul that would have been fair and a couple of bombs landed as pop-flies. Let's get our PV on to get the weather on our side tonight. Valdez pitched a fair amount for the rangers and Mariners so the AL guys should know how to take him deep.

For those that don't check it very often you HAVE GOT to see the comments at www.bambinoscurse.com for June 10, 2004. I think I started a "Hot or Not" discussion thread with Beth and Annette regarding the Red Sox players. It's one of the funniest and most intersting things I've read in a while so check it out.

And also Beth's posts the last few weeks at patsox.blogspot.com have been really great. She's got a great take on the latest games and controversies and her passions run a lot hotter and colder than Ed's even tempered rationalism. Both styles are fun to read but reading a contrast of styles makes them both more entertaining. I especially loved the plea from a Red Sox widower. I'm sure my wife can relate to a lesser extent than him.

So go Red Sox! Go Curt! We NEEEEEEED the win tonight. We NEEEEED to string some W's together again to hang in this race. Let's hope the Yankees trip to even up this race. Their record as late has been freaking filthy. the only bright spot was seeing Kevin Brown leave with back soreness in the 2nd inning yesterday. He's just about overdue for his annual DL stint. That could give us a chance to tie up the gap.

Deane @ 1:35 PM
Saturday, June 05, 2004

Listen up Yankee Fans!
Curt Schilling and I have one thing to say to all the Yankee fans out there spewing hate and negativity on Red Sox fan sites.

Thanks for playing and have a nice day. See you in October!

Go Red Sox!

Deane @ 10:04 PM
Wednesday, June 02, 2004

We're goin to Dizneeland
Wow what a rough game that was last night. I think we had tempered expectations for the game last night becuase our #5 starter was going against Anaheim's #1 starter but we still figured we could beat them.

We got out to an early lead but Anaheim pulled ahead in the 6th. A lot of people are accusing Francona of being another Grady Little and not knowing when to pull his pitchers. I'm still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt at this point. If it starts happening later in the year in more crucial situations we'll know we have a crisis to deal with.

I was pretty frustrated that Ortiz got a double in the 8th inning with less than two outs but nobody could get him home. To be fair though K Rod brought his electric stuff to the park last night and I knew it would be a tall order. Percival has been very touchable this year though so I was hoping for a 9th inning rally to pull ahead. daubach's two run homer got us close but it turned out to be a bridge too far.

Pedro goes against Vlad Guerrero tonight. That should be a fantastic duel and I can't wait to see what that looks like.

Over at Bambino's Curse the horde of Yankee cave-dwellers has suddenly come back to make their voices heard. Evidently one of them took exception to me calling them trollers and went on to call me an idiot for giving the Red Sox credit for holding onto first place for most of the season with their B-team roster filling 1/3 of the roster spots on any given night.

It's simply amazing what people will do for some attention. I might call Yankee fans a lot of things but I would never call someone I don't know an idiot. Most of the Yankee cave-dwellers that sit around rooting for the sun to rise tend to beat their chests and shout out how great their achievements are to an audience that couldn't care less but to start calling people idiots and morons for having opposing viewpoints is pitiful and a waste of good webspace.

Anyway... on to more pleasant topics. Nomar will be back soon. Trot is still working on getting back where he needs to be. Trade rumors are starting to heat up. Roster improvements for the Red Sox could be right around the corner. I can't wait to see what Theo has in store. This team keeps chugging away and having a great time. I can't wait to see what they'll do each new day.

Go get em Red Sox!

Deane @ 8:43 AM