"I knew it was going to be a close play at first because the guy (Wilson) runs so well. The ball went skip, skip, skip and didn't come up. The ball missed my glove. I can't remember the last time I missed a ball like that, but I'll remember that one." -- Buckner on Wilson's ground ball.
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Photographic Evidence!

The Victim:
Bill Buckner

Suspect #1:
Calvin Schiraldi

Calvin Schiraldi not only allowed the Mets to tie the game 3-3 in the eigth inning, but he gave up THREE two-out singles in the 10th inning. Let's also not forget that in Game 7 Ray Knight homered in the seventh off Calvin Schiraldi to give the Mets a 4-3 lead.

Suspect #2:
Bob Stanley

Bob Stanley relieved Schiraldi. Stanley worked Mookie Wilson down to his last strike of the last out of the game. Seven pitches in, Stanley lost control. and threw a wild pitch that tied the game. Think about this... 16 Different Pitches would have clinched the World Series for the Red Sox. Schiraldi and Stanley blew it!

Suspect #3:
Rich Gedman

Let's not forget Catcher Rich Gedman who failed to block the wild pitch and could have prevented the tying run. See how there's PLENTY of blame to spread around before Bill's name comes up? I'm telling you, this was all one big set-up!

Suspect #4:
John McNamara

Manager John McNamara was obviously a Masochist to throw Bill Buckner out to defend first-base in the 10th inning.

Suspect #5:
Roger Clemens

Clemens claims he wanted to pitch the 8th inning but Manager McNamara "chose" to give the game to the chokers in the bull-pen. McNamara claims Rog-ah refused to go out because had "torn a blister and a fingernail on his pitching hand." Biting your nails Roger? Heck let's just blame them both. Disasters this big have many villains.

Suspect #6:
Jesse Orosco

As long as we're looking for villains we'll just lump in Jesse Orosco. He seems like a nice enough guy and has probably played for everyone by now but we all could have clubbed him in 86. In Game 7 The Sox added two runs in the eighth to pull within a run but Jesse Orosco retired the final five Red Sox in order to clinch their second World Series title (((CRY...SOB...))).
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Red Sox fans are NOT Charlie Brown futilely trying to kick a football. Red Sox fans are like Linus patiently waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive on a late October night.
Monday, July 19, 2004

A Tale of Two Games.... It was the best of games, it was the worst of games....
Wow, what a fun couple of baseball games that was!

Game 1 recap

Both Saturday and Sunday both games were sold out and about 25%-35% of the fans there were Red Sox fans. The Red Sox fans were alos a lot more organized and vocal in their support so in a lot of ways it really felt a lot like I was seeing a Red Sox home game.

There's a Red Sox bar & grill our here in Santa Monica called Sonny McLeans http://www.sonnymcleans.com that organizes bus trips to the Angel games for Red Sox fans. It was great all through the games to see their entire section erupt in cheers and chants of "Let's go Red Sox! Let's go!" They all wore T-Shirts that said Red Sox Nation West. Gotta get me one of those.

Of course Wakefield's game on Saturday didn't go the way we'd hoped but it was still great to see Johnny Damon hit two home runs and Ortiz launched a nice high srcing bomb of his own. I think he actually was feeding off the boos he was getting there. I'm terrified as to how many games he will be suspended as we head into the Yankee series but at least the August schedule should give us a chance to make up some ground.

The crowd Saturday night in the field level seats were all pretty good natured. The only trouble came from two Angel fans that started arguing about what one of them was saying to a Red Sox fan. Both Angels fans were invited to visit the security office. LOL The Angels fans all around us were in good cheer and we all had fun trading banter back and forth.

When Guerrero came up I called out for Wake to walk him since he'll launch any pitch into the bleachers. When the smoke from the fireworks cleared the Angels fans there made sure to tell me that was a good call. LOL

And of course out from the bullpen we got our first good looks of the season at Nelson, Misterrrr Aaaandersonnn and of course Mendoza. I was hoping I'd see Manny playing on Saturday since my seats were close to where he plays in Left Field. Instead I got a splendid view of local boy Gabe Kapler. I was pretty impressed with his hitting and fielding though eh's no Manny. Well who is?

Not too much else to report from Saturday night's game. I was happy to see that Wake wasn't hurt from that come-backer that hit his shoulder-blade. After Nomar caught that I wondered how the official scoring on that play goes. Is it 1-6 or 1-6-3? LOL I wasn't able to get to the field early enough to try and get any autographs on Saturday but Sunday made up for that.

Game 2

Sunday morning I got to the stadium about 90 minutes early and saw lots of red Sox pitchers out on the field. It was photo day with Angels fans all lined up around the warning track to meet players so Sox batting practice must have been earlier in the day.

Despite a good number of Red Sox fans all down at the field railing it wasn't too hard to meet the pitchers that came over. The hardest part was figuring out who was who. All the players were wearing practice caps, refleective sunglasses and plain windbreakers with no names or numbers on them. Seriously the way they were dressed they all looked like clones.

The only way to figure out who most of the pitchers were was to look at the swarm of 20 year old non-English speaking pro autograph hounds that would forcefully flock their way to a pitcher when he would come over. These guys must have been working for autograph dealers because they all had baseball cards of every player ready to be signed with expensive pens, they all worked together as if they did this every day and they knew exactly which player was which.

The first player I got to meet was Timlin. He was really nice about signing autographs and did a good job of making sure he signed things for the kids and not for the pros. I told him that he was nails on Friday night and he was really nice and appreciative. He had to leave before I could get an autograph though.

Bronson Arroyo came over next and was a really fun down-to-earth kid. Kids were asking himwho the toughest hittrs to face are. He said it's the unpredictable contact hitters that swing at anything like Eckstein, Kennedy and Vlad. He was really nice and signed the bill of my Red Sox hat.

Manny started walking around and teasing everybody. His hair looked extra-bouncy in the heat on Sunday. It was good to see him even though we could see he wasn't going to play. He has got such a great sense of fun and humor when he's out on the field. Getting there early you get to see a side of players that you just never see on TV. It's easy to forget that what these guys do is fun and they love every minute of it.
Manny didn't stay out long and only signed some autographs on the other side of the dugout from where I was.

Across the field I could see Pedro and Lowe out doing windsprints and stretching their hamstrings. It was amazing to see their workout routine on their off-day. It was damn hot down on that field and they were out there running out and walking back for over an hour before they started long-tossing. As I watched I kept thinking "These are the guys people are saying have no heart and are a bunch of selfish cry-baby head-cases? They're working their butts off in crazy heat and they aren't even playing today."
After Manny disappeared and the ushers were starting to sweep the field sections clear of us Red Sox rabble.

I then leaned over by the first base camera well and saw in the dugout that the only player there 45 minutes before game time was Curt Schilling. He looked like he was trying to relax and just clear his mind of anything. He looked as calm as could be crossing and uncrossing his legs and looking around at the field preparations.

I've heard how intense he is on game-day so I wasn't going to say anything to him, but then he looked over at me in my Red Sox regalia and waved a quick hello to me. I yelled over to him "We Love You Curt!" He again waved to me and said "Thanks."  Yeah, you could say that got my adrenaline going! He'll never know that he's my hero or that he replied to me once on Ed's blog but it was great just to have that momentary interaction. Looks like I didn't distract him too much.
I then started walking away from the approaching ushers toward the right field foul pole when I came across a group of 10-20 people acting frantic about something. I crossed over to the second row to see who it was and it was Pedro! He was joking around with the kids and looking like he was having the time of his life.
When you find yourself standing there in awe facing these players you watch everyday it's so funny. You think to yourself... what can I say to this guy that will be of the slightest interest to him? You think and think... "Who's the toughest hitter you ever faced... nah too common.... Who's the greatest player you ever played with? Naw too lame.... How tough is it facing a good hitter with a full-count? Naw too esoteric..."
You think and think some more and then find that the only thing that you can get out of your mouth is..."You're the best Pedro! You rock!" Seriously, I don't think I could have felt any goofier but Pedro was nice and told me "Thank you man, you guys are great too. Ya know I always try and do my best out there."
I don't think he could have been nicer or looking like he was having more fun. He was working his way down the line to sign more autographs and was three people away from me when he got ushered away by a stadium attendant clearing the field. Ugh! 30 seconds away from Pedro autographing my hat. Oh well. I'm still plenty happy even getting Arroyo's autograph so that's cool.

My seats for Sunday were in the lower-nosebleeds by the left field foul-pole. I had a great view directly over the bullpen and I could really see the movement on Curt's pitches. I could see him painting the left and right sides of the plate at will. It was amazing how easy he made it look, especially with that kind of heat on the field. I loved seeing the movemennt on his pitches start out heading in to the left side of the plate and then curve back in a concave arc to the right.
After 15-20 minutes of warm-up tosses Curt walked slowly and deliberately out of the gates into left field for more stretching and jogging exercises. He later claimed his deliberateness was sluggishness but he looked like the zen pitching master to me.
Once the game was under way it looked like a pitching duel. Every one of Ortiz's at-bats was dramatic and exciting! On his first hit seeing him dig for third and then slide head-first was awesome!  You should have seen the line he carved around secoond!
Then seeing Ortiz belt his three-run homer in the 6th was perfection. When he came to the plate I just knew it was going out. The same way I caleld Vlad's homer the night before. It just felt like it was a done-deal before he even got to the plate. I tell ya Ortiz really seemd to feed of the boos that were heaped down on him by the Angles fans.

I think the only way you could tell it wasn't a Sox home game was from the boos for Ortiz. Other than that there really wasn't any chanting for the Angels or big cheers when their big players came up. I guess LA fans are as laid-back as people say.
I was really disappointed to see Homar get plunked. From my seat I was worried that he got hit in the head so I was glad it was just his shoulder. Lackey claimed he slipped trying to throw the pitch that got Nomar out earlier. Yeah, right after Ortiz went yard on you and took your lead away. Uh-huh.
At first the Ump pointed at Lackey and signalled that he was tossed out. Scioscia came out to appeal it and that's when both benches were warned. I'm sure the umps thought it was retaliation for the homer since they didn't toss Curt for hitting Molina.
I think Curt retaliated perfectly. He didn't go head-hunting but he showed he wasn't gonna take it either. Still after the Ortiz thing I don't want to flirt with more suspensions.

At one point a bunch of Boston fans behind the dugout knocked a big inflatable socccer-ball into the Sox dugout. Ortiz and Manny messed around with it and then punched it back into the crowd. You've got to love seeing these guys have that kind of fun.

Johnny Damon was a lot of fun to watch as well. I loved seeing him come to plate and have Sox fans start chanting "Let's go Jesus! Let's Go!" Angles fans just kind of looked around in a bemused way trying to figure out what that was all about.
I heard one fan remark "Look at that guy, he looks like Charles Manson!" The uptight lady in front of me said "Oh he's just another one of those disgusting and depraved Red Sox players. I hate them. Tell that guy to get a shave." When I told her that he shaves his beard during the season for charity and has raised tens fo thousands of dollars that shut her up in a hurry. LOL

The other funny comment I heard from the peanut gallery was when Bellhorn's picture was plastered on the big display screens in the outfield. One lady looked up at Bellhorn's mug and said "Wow that's too bad that they had to use his high school yearbook photo!" I told her that was a good one and asked her if I could steal that line. So thank you to that anonymous Angel fan.  LOL

That's about it for me.

Wow I wish I could go see a Red Sox game everyday!

Deane @ 2:54 PM
Saturday, July 17, 2004

The Happiest Place on Earth
So just a few notes...
Great to see Pedro redeem himself after he got shelled the last time he pitched to the Angels. Holding their lineup to 2 runs is awesome! Pedro was nails and got some great swinging strikeouts.
Embree and Timlin coming out in relief two days in a row gave me a serious case of nerves, but Timlin and Foulke calmed me right down. Thanks guys.
Ortiz... What can I say. I can understand how angry he was but you can't throw bats onto the field, especially at people. I knew it was bad when after every ridiculous strike that was called on the Red Sox even the Angels announcers were saying "Wow looks like there are a lot of questionable strikes being called tonight."
Knowing that Ortiz has at least a 5-10 game suspension about to land on him a week before the Sox play the Yankees is a very frrustrating thought. The fact that Manny is virtually Day-to-Day with tight hamstrings is even scarier.
Kapler showed some great hustle grabbing a bloop fly ball at the last possible second. I was very impressed and seeing Manny pointing to him to guive him his props was good to see. Not nearly as spectacular as Jim Edmonds taking that home-run away three feet past the wall but still a thing of beauty.
Seeing Nomar all fired up and all smiles after the game was good to see too. I almost forgot what he looked like when he smiled.
The Angels announcers said they talked to Nomar before the game and he was still frustrated that his side of the story didn't get out after the bench-sitting incident a few weeks back. He said that he was sitting in his lucky spot and that his teammates told him not to leave the lucky spot so they could get a rally going.
I don't know if that's true or not. All I know is it does illustrate that as fans there are things that happen in the dugout that we just can't be privvy to in the course of a game.All that matters is how his teammates feel about him so I'll let them decide if Nomar's telling the truth or not. Nomar's a great player and we're lucky to have him. he just needs to learn how to stop hitting the ball right to the shortstop.
I'm off to the game tonight to see Wakefield pitch tonight against Bartolo Colon. He got seriously rocked in Dodger Stadium two weeks ago so I'm looking forward to seeing him get beat-up today.
Then of course I'm going to see Schilling pitch in person for the first time ever tomorrow. I can't wait to see him. My wife is soooo wonderful!
I originally got our tickets for Saturda's game thinking that Pedro would pitch the first game after the break. Wake usually pitches between Pedro and Curt so I was planning to see Curt pitch Saturday night. When my wife found out that I'd be missing Curt pitch by 1 day she bought me a ticket to Sunday's game. She didn't want me to miss seeing my hero pitch what could be his only regular season game in So Cal this year. I'm very loved.  :)
Go Red Sox!

Deane @ 9:16 AM
Wednesday, July 14, 2004

He walks in the classroom cool and slow....
So I get dragged into taking a Peanuts quiz to see which Peanuts Character I am.... And of course the answer is...

Charlie Brown
You are Charlie Brown!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Anyway... loved the All-Star game. What a good time that was. As much as it freaked me out to see Manny and Ortiz high-fiving Jeter and Giambi on their way back in the dugout, it was fan-freaking-tastic to see Clemens get shelled by guys playing for his former AL teams.

Don't get me wrong, I was really glad that he got so much attention in Houston and in the run-up to the game. These days he looks lika nice old guy that adopts puppies and helps old-ladies across the street. It's not that I wanted him to look bad or get his world rocked in his home stadium on All-Star night. I just wanted to see him brought down a peg or two.

I agree with the analysts that say that he did run himself ragged promoting this event and I do feel bad for him that it didn't go his way. But in a larger sense it restored some faith in the cosmic wheel of Karma and that what goes around comes around.

I think all the reports that Piazza must have been tipping Clemens' pitches are garbage, but it is funny to imagine Piazza pulling a Bull Durham on Clemens just for one final "F@*# You!" Of course I'm sure Piazza was way too professional for that. besides I think just about everybody was miked. Still it's funny to picture.

Of course my daily tracking of the RJ situation says that ever so slowly the RJ defense trade momentum is heading towards Boston. It looks like Theo and company know that getting him is like winning or losing the race for the atom bomb. We don't want to be runner-up.

We'll see how it plays out. I'd hate to see Nomar get run out of town but I'd hate even more to see RJ face us down the stretch and in the playoffs. Curt got it right though when he pointed out that this team has scored a ton of runs in the week following Mueller's return. This team will produce and will have a monster second half no matter what.

Good night fair-friends. Spent the day rubbing anti-itch cream on my 3 year-old daughter's body rash. Hopefully we'll all sleep soundly tonight and tomorrow she can go back to daycare. Wish me luck!

Go Red Sox!

the fed
Deane @ 10:00 PM
Tuesday, July 13, 2004

All-Star Break
The All-Star break is here.

No point here in commenting on Pedro starting his vacation early instead of starting against Texas in the game we lost 5-6 Sunday.

I'm not going to comment on Curt Schilling giving Manny a serious talking to and finger-wagging about sitting out with his tight hamstrings. Whatever happened they have dealt with it.

I had a lot of fun watching Curt, Ortiz and Manny enjoying themselves at the All-Star game. I loved seeing Manny jokng with Ortiz as he tried to find his groove in the home-run derby. I especially loved seeing Manny do his voodoo-fingers thing waving his fingers at Ortiz to get him going.

But the REALLY big news was the press got Randy Johnson to admit that he'll waive his no-trade clause if it helps the D-Backs and if it sends him to a team with a real chance to win the world series. Of course it will also take a team with something to offer AND the desire to take on RJ from the D-Backs to make this three part equation work.

I'm sure the Yanks could work a three-way deal with another team to get Arizona the prospects they'd need. I'm just praying that the David Wells incident keeps Colangelo from wanting any part in helping the Yanks out.

The Red Sox of course have a ton of good players we wouldn't miss too much (Lowe, Kim, Crespo, McCarty etc) and some great prospects the D-Backs should want in Youkilis and Shoppauch. That could be a heck of a trade package that would get the D-Backs back on their feet. We'll just have to see which way the wind blows.

As far as what's coming from the horse's mouth... here's the most relevant part of what Jayson Stark reports on RJ's talk with reporters:


"Winning a World Series," he said, "would far outweigh any individual accomplishments."

He knows some people have speculated that now that he's won one World Series, he might be driven by other goals that could take precedent over winning. But the Big Unit couldn't have shut down that speculation any more forcefully if he'd driven a tractor-trailer through his friendly neighborhood newspaper printing plant.

"I think I've done enough in the game now where I'm not worried about whether I'll go to the Hall of Fame," he said, "or what my legacy is. I've done all the individual things in the game I ever set out to do."

Which suggests he's driving this trade-me scenario for pureley selfless motives. But the trouble with that is that his employers, the Diamondbacks, might not see it that way.

They're interested in winning, too, of course. And if they make the wrong deal for Randy Johnson just because he wants them to, it might not further that noble pursuit.

So these next three weeks should be verrrry interesting. Will they or won't they? Yankees or Red Sox? East coast or west? Or possibly none of the above?

Those are questions we can't answer quite yet. But the biggest question of all was finally answered Monday. Does Randy Johnson want out? Hoo boy. Does he ever.

Deane @ 9:56 AM
Friday, July 09, 2004

Damon for Local Hero!!!
Wow, Johnny Damon gets it done! Wow!

How can you not love this guy. Isn't it amazing to see a player when they are touched by magic and they capture lightning in a bottle?

2 home runs! A triple short of the cycle! Wow! Love it!

Kevin MIllar was no slouch either doubling up runners on first base three times!

Red Sox have won four in a row now. This team is clicking. Our guys will get a good long rest this week and be ready to keep rolling along next week in Anaheim.

I've got tickets to the game on 7/17. I'm desperately hoping I get to see Schilling pitch. I've never seen him pitch in person before and since he's my personal hero and all I'd love to see that!

Go Red Sox!

Deane @ 8:45 PM
Thursday, July 08, 2004

Let's All Salute Captain Caveman!
Way to go Johnny Damon! WHat a way to beat the throw at home. Amazing that the A's always seem to find a way to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. LOL I was so thrilled to see JOhnny Damon get swarmed by his team-mates after hustling in and scoring the winning run. You gotta love this guy!

What an ending to an incredible game! I'm sad that Curt didn't get the W after the bullpen choked up the lead but I was mighty impressed with the resilience of this team. Manny and Ortiz put on their show again and Bill Mueller capped it off with a great game-winning hit.

This feels like the team that we've wanted to be excited about. The excitement had died off over the last two months leaving RSN restless. Columnists have been working overtime bashing Red Sox fans and saying how ridiculous we are. Well now we're back on track. This team, including Nomar, Trot and Mueller will find ways to win. This is the team we wanted to rally around all year.

Texas is bound to give us a run for our money this weekend but I like the matchups and I think we'll have some good baseball this weekend. I'll go to sleep now feeling very happy about sweeping the A's and heading towards All-Star week.

One thing is certain with this club, every week brings a new surprise. I can't wait to see what's around the corner!

Go Red Sox!

Deane @ 9:43 PM
Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy!
Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy!

Our worst nightmare would be Randy Johnson pitching for the Yankees. The best outcome we could reasonably hope for would be Randy Johnson staying in Arizona. The best outcome we could dream up would be RJ coming to the Red Sox.

Keeping RJ away from the Yankees is of the utmost importance. If that means paying him to play Rubik's Cube for the next three years that would be money well-spent. I'm not sure what the trade package for RJ would consist of but I would ship off every prospect we have to get 1-3 years of Randy Johnson.

Nomar's bat has come alive and is on fire now. Everybody that wanted to run Nomar out of town better take a second look at him now. If it turns out to be a Youkilis, Lowe, Kim, Millar, Crespo package for RJ I'd say that would be fine with me.

Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed. Let's hope that RJ and Schilling are as good pals as Curt says they are. Let's hope the allure of making history and getting a World Series ring in the AL is enough to tempt RJ to finish his career in Boston with Schilling. Let's hope Theo can keep working his magic!

Go Red Sox!
Deane @ 10:12 PM
Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Just keep swimming... Just keep swimming...
Just a short post to say that the tide is turning. After a nightmarish skid the last few weeks the Sox are starting to play more fundamentally sound baseball. The bast are waking up. The front office is working to make deals. Nomar is starting to hit. Hopefully he'll start making some plays too.

For those that gave up on the Sox and urged mgmnt to blow this team up and try again for 2005, the Sawx will show how short-sighted that view is. Some some interesting posts from the old salts at Sons of Sam Horn. They have it 100% right when they recall the 100 loss seasons of a decade ago.

They are right on the money in saying"Jeez did you really expect to get through a whole season without a slump or skid? Better now than in freaking September or October fer-Chrissakes!"

Another interesting observation I will quote from DamonasaNomad at SoSH:

"Last year on this date the Marlins were fourth in the NL East, 10.5 back of Atlanta, and 3.0 out of the wild card. The Angels in 2002 were second in the AL West, 2.5 out of a wild card spot. For God's sake, have a little equilibrium (that's horse tranquilizers)..."

My own personal observation/positive affirmation is this:
The team favored to win the WS at the All-Start break has a bad track record of making that happen the last three years. All the great teams surge into the post-season down the stretch. This team is capable of doing that.

They just have to find their heart, their fire, their desire to make it happen. They need to make it happen for reasons that have nothing to do with money, endorsements, contracts, extensions, perks or personal benefits. They need to do it for each other.

Go get em Red Sox!

Deane @ 6:49 PM
Thursday, July 01, 2004

"Why oh why didn't I take the BLUE pill?"
Cypher: I know what you're thinking, 'cause right now I'm thinking the same thing. Actually, I've been thinking it ever since I got here: Why oh why didn't I take the BLUE pill?

This line from The Matrix feels oddly appropriate today. Being a Red Sox fan you always seem to wonder about the choice of the Blue Pill vs the Red Pill from the Matrix.

However as Red Sox Nation panic enters full swing, Annette over at BambinosCurse.com quite correctly points out that last year at this time the Sox were in a full swoon and feelings of panic were just as strong after their 15-6 April.

The Men Loft on Base and the incredibly poor defense are killing us right now, and we really need to shore up our pitching, but Theo will do what he can to make that happen.

More than anything the feeling that this team has no fire or sense of urgency and that they are just loping along from one day to the next. I suggested to Ed tha perhaps Theo's next move should be to trade Francona to the Phillies for Larry Bowa. I'm not much of a Bowa fan and don't generally care for fiery Earl Weaver type managers but at this point he doesn't seem to be helping the Phillies and I don't see how he could hurt the Red Sox. LOL

Theo has a list of priorities for July trades. I just hope that it looks something like this:

1.) Prevent Randy Johnson from going to the Yankees at all costs.

2.) Shore Up the starting rotation. Get Randy Johnson if possible.

3.) Improve situational hitting. Get an infielder that can get hits with runners in scoring position. Someone like Bret Boone, David Eckstein or Ichiro Suzuki. (Stat-heads may find much better examples of this but I'm just going off the top of my head here.)

4.) Improve the worst defense in baseball. Pokey getting back to his game will help. Mueller's return will help. I think we're starting to wonder though if Nomar will ever return to form and Ortiz/MIllar at first is just too depressing to think about for the long haul. I'd even take John Olerud despite his big offensive decline this year. That guy can scoop up ANYTHING that's catchable.

5.) If there's a way to improve speed and smarts on the basepaths, make it happen.

Let me know if there's anything I'm forgetting. Should be intersting to see how July goes. We need a monster month to overcome .500 for May and June.

Morpheus: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Go Red Sox!

Deane @ 8:58 AM