"I knew it was going to be a close play at first because the guy (Wilson) runs so well. The ball went skip, skip, skip and didn't come up. The ball missed my glove. I can't remember the last time I missed a ball like that, but I'll remember that one." -- Buckner on Wilson's ground ball.
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Photographic Evidence!

The Victim:
Bill Buckner

Suspect #1:
Calvin Schiraldi

Calvin Schiraldi not only allowed the Mets to tie the game 3-3 in the eigth inning, but he gave up THREE two-out singles in the 10th inning. Let's also not forget that in Game 7 Ray Knight homered in the seventh off Calvin Schiraldi to give the Mets a 4-3 lead.

Suspect #2:
Bob Stanley

Bob Stanley relieved Schiraldi. Stanley worked Mookie Wilson down to his last strike of the last out of the game. Seven pitches in, Stanley lost control. and threw a wild pitch that tied the game. Think about this... 16 Different Pitches would have clinched the World Series for the Red Sox. Schiraldi and Stanley blew it!

Suspect #3:
Rich Gedman

Let's not forget Catcher Rich Gedman who failed to block the wild pitch and could have prevented the tying run. See how there's PLENTY of blame to spread around before Bill's name comes up? I'm telling you, this was all one big set-up!

Suspect #4:
John McNamara

Manager John McNamara was obviously a Masochist to throw Bill Buckner out to defend first-base in the 10th inning.

Suspect #5:
Roger Clemens

Clemens claims he wanted to pitch the 8th inning but Manager McNamara "chose" to give the game to the chokers in the bull-pen. McNamara claims Rog-ah refused to go out because had "torn a blister and a fingernail on his pitching hand." Biting your nails Roger? Heck let's just blame them both. Disasters this big have many villains.

Suspect #6:
Jesse Orosco

As long as we're looking for villains we'll just lump in Jesse Orosco. He seems like a nice enough guy and has probably played for everyone by now but we all could have clubbed him in 86. In Game 7 The Sox added two runs in the eighth to pull within a run but Jesse Orosco retired the final five Red Sox in order to clinch their second World Series title (((CRY...SOB...))).
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Red Sox fans are NOT Charlie Brown futilely trying to kick a football. Red Sox fans are like Linus patiently waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive on a late October night.
Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Seems like every August is full of changes.

It seems like when I am either moving or preparing to move or job-hunting or getting ready for my wedding or the birth of my baby it is always happening in August. I wonder why that is.

Of course the intersection of two major events in my life is what makes me think of the relation between August and changes. I am referring to both Nomar being traded to the Cubs and Willy Wonka handing me my walking papers in order to ship my job off to the Oompa Loompas.

The Nomar thing I can totally understand. He'd turned down a 4 year $60 Million Dollar contract last year, the A-Rod trade situation pushed him even further to the free-agent world, his injury drastically reduced his playing time and value and the Sox needed to make some MAJOR changes to their defense. It all makes sense. I'll miss Nomar VERY much. My heart NEVER wanted to see Nomar playing for another team, but my head knows that Theo did the right thing and got better than expected value for Nomar.

The other development in my life that I'm still coping with was the end of my five year stint working for a big big food company that Shaquille O'Neal calls Crunchous. They also own the Willy Wonka candy company so the joke about shipping my job off to the Oompa Loompas isn't really a joke at all. Since my job involves helping every member of the company fix their computer problems it feels especially, as Sting and the Police once said, like a humiliating kick in the crotch. (Pardon the colorful mtaphor)

Anyway these two dramatic "Do you remember where you were when you found out..." events interseected last Friday and I am still delaing with them. It all feels a bit unreal. Someone on BambinosCurse.com mentioned that between all the trades going on and Wakefield throwing a gem things have a definite Bizarro feel to them.

A friend called me from a business trip to Boston and said that all Nomar merchandise was half off and asked if I wanted a Nomar jersey. Of course I said yes and I am looking forward to seeing it when it gets here.

Another topic of conversation was what people's enduring memory of Nomar in Boston will be. My memory of him will be rushing home from work to catch his first at-bat after spending the first two months of 2004 on the DL. Seeing him stand-in to a standing ovation with all the love and good-will pouring down on him gave me goose-bumps as he stopped his rituals for aheartbeat to acknowledge the crowd. Nomar's relationship with management may have been one thing but as Curt Schilling said Nomar always gave 110% on the field.

I am fortunate that I got to see Nomar play for Boston in person one last time two weeks ago. Seeing him turn a double into a triple by hauling butt around second base told me right there what Nomar's desire is like. I'm very lucky that I got to see that.

Thanks for the memories Nomar. Let's hope you and I can both start up a great new chapter of our lives together.

And as far as the guys we got for Nomar go, I think they will put us over the top in the post-season. I STILL say we've got enough of a team to make a run at the division. Cabrera responds in a BIG way when the crowd is rooting for him. You'll see him go back to being a .300 hitter this year. Same with Doug M.

It's going to be a great year for baseball this year.

Go Red Sox!

Deane @ 8:15 PM